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Green Crack day 59 - THCfarmer
... grow. Nothing special as far as base nutes, Overdrive week 5-6, no CO2. looks ... to me....... Low temps can do that. How much of a temp swing are you having ...
Another MPB Nute Thread.. - THCfarmer
... ... you dont feed overdrive weeks 3 - ... how much water per plant is supposed to be eaten a week?? Originally Posted by JoE_AnTiX77 how much ...
Doubleds nutrient schedule - THCfarmer
... how much do you guys spend on nutes per cycle? Originally Posted by edux10 how much ... ) Big Bud $270 (4L) Overdrive $105 ---H&G--- 2X ( ...
I'm stuck about a good bloom booster - THCfarmer
... moab and hammerhead combo for week 7 and 8 flower. I usually run overdrive during these weeks but I want to try the hammerhead and moab combo ... overdrive? Let me know thanks! I also have a 65 gal rez how much dosage should I put of moab and hammerhead? Thanks again. hey bud I havent used overdrive ...
Bloom nute ? - THCfarmer
... can use Bud Ignitor,Big Bud and Overdrive with my Botanicare PBP bloom. If ... ad and check ppm so you know how much to lower your bloom nutes. Originally ...
How do YOU flush? - THCfarmer
How do YOU flush? - Page 2 - THCfarmer I'm ... thinking of doing is feeding THESE strains a finishing agent like Overdrive a week earlier than say 'normal' in order to get ...
kushie kush by advanced nutes - THCfarmer
... a wetting agent mixed in with them. How much easier can things be?? Another thing ... ~DR.GREENTHUMB~, I was just reading again about Overdrive on the "advancepedia" ...
any threads showing how to build a MPB system - THCfarmer
... threads but I dont understand how its different then a RDWC ... , bud blood, big bud, overdrive, fulvic acid, carboload. AN sensi ... the plant doesn’t get much bigger. Flipped to 12/12 ...
(Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide - THCfarmer
... have to buy ammonium nitrate. connie + overdrive: ammonium nitrate 172g potassium nitrate 247g yara ... other Traces but don't know exactly how much of what. They won't be listed, ...
UC 4XL Scrog in Double Lid Under 1000W - THCfarmer
... weeks 2,3,4 and 5 of flower. Use overdrive during weeks 6 and 7. Flush week 8. ... of how much the ppm is being raised by each product. This is what, how much I used and how the ...

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