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how much taller does plant grow in flowering

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When does a plant stop growing taller going into flowering?
... flower, when does it stop growing taller? I have heard of the 'stretch' a plant goes through before flowering, but not sure how much this is and how long it does ...
Flowering Height Question
... does anyone have a clue how much taller to expect this plant to get?? I know ppl say that it doubles to triples in height, but its flowering conditions have been much ...
Does a plant stop growing in the flowering cycle?
Does a plant stop growing in the flowering cycle? Think i read in a post somewhere that at a certain stage of the flowering cycle they stop growing ...
1st time accidental plant/grow (pics)
... 't grow any taller and produce buds once it entered flowering stage. They told me to put the plant on 11- hours of light per day (currently at 10 hours). In ...
How do I STOP plants from growing taller???
... plants that don't grow much during flowering. I know my Jack the Rippers can get 2 - 3 times taller in flower ... does ...
1st Grow in Progress.... - Stoner Forums
... Grow in Progress.... - Page 5 - Stoner Forums Ok. So I'm going to keep using CFL's. What is the rule of thumb on how many plants ...
New grow CFL(bagseed indica)pics - Stoner Forums
... in my case cause i have stocked up on it in my plant pretty much...but home depo or walmart are my places to get ferts not the net Grow ...
first grow log!!! need help - Stoner Forums
... taller ... much ... how long has the plant been in flower ... how or if it recovered.....what have a learned? NEVER LET UR GIRLFRIEND IN UR GROW ROOM. NEVER Nice lookin plant ...
How tall must the plant be before bud? - 420 Magazine
... plant is like 3 feet tall and i just started budding less than a week ago will it really get that much taller? it can dupal in ...
Flowering time and associated growth - 420 Magazine
... How much time does flowering take and C. How much growth is associated with the flowering process during that time. I've read that the plant ...

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