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veg water cycle over 10 days?
... much better. I am hitting 14 days tomorrow since I have not watered the pot so it is not over watering. The issue is that the 5 gallon pot ...
watering methods..
... how I water, and I would like to hear how you guys water your babies. First off, I use 5 gallon dirt bags. For 5 gallon pots I use 3 gallons of water. (* when you water ...
How do you reamend organic soils?
... how you re-amend your soils. As in, how much amendments do you put back into it? For ... 10-12 gallons ...
How much should I get by harvest time? :D
... gallon pots. They were teens and mothers when I put them in too. Just wanted to know what you think of them and how much I should get. They get watered ...
5150's Backyard 2011 (PAC. NW.)
... for ya buddy how much water do u water ur potted plants each time? i know how u said u fill your 55 gallon garbage can which i started doing much ...
a question on watering
... watering too. In general how much water should be given to a plant that is in a 3 gallon pot? Just want to get an idea of how much water ...
Pot Plant In My Shower Stall
Pot Plant In My Shower Stall - Page 78 - Forums Very nice pic mate, looking really nice. It's good seeing how much ...
simple straight to the point watering question
... 10 week old ladies in 5 gallon buckets.(still veging) i normally try to water about every other day - or every 2 days. my question is how much water ...
Proper Feeding/watering for soil - Please Help
... watering for soil - Please Help - Forums I am using 1,000w bulbs, 5 gallon smart pots ... how often and how much to water ...
Best water for watering the plants?
... water for watering the plants? - Page 3 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by Herb Al Cure Water and the quality of water ...

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