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how much water for a 3 gallon pot

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flushing question. how often to water during last.. - THCfarmer
... 3 galllons of water per gallon of soil, but I have always just done 4 gallons of water for a 3 gallon pot, 6 gallons for a 5 gallon pot, etc... Then, just water ...
starting in 3 gallon pots?
... How difficult is it to really get a Rx??? 3 gallon pots??? i agree with albert start out with a tall beer cup or something and then let it go in that for ...
how much calmag for my tapwater?
... water daily in 3 gallon pots, 80% botanicare coco and 20% perlite. One plant (with severe problems) is in 1 gallon. I'm two and a ...
15 gallon pots
... for the pots, I know 15 gallon pots are pretty massive, but the bigger the roots the bigger the shoots, I'm trying to give them as much ...
watering methods..
... a 4 gallon pot, which i plan to use? how would i water and how much? i plan on using about 3.5 gallons of soil? Good drainage is a must. There are too many problems for ...
My DIY Grow-Box Design; How's it look?
... for me) instead then. Do you think going from the cup to the 5 gallon pot would be too much? Maybe throw a 3 gallon pot ...
first grow indoor
... ? Flush with water around 6.3- 6.5 how much water for a 3 gallon pot 6 or so Keep doing it until the water looks clearer ok ...
How much Topping can a plant take.(w/pic)
... how much topping it can take as to keep the height down a bit and get it producing as many budding heads as possible. I had them in pots ...
How Much to Feed.
... water. usually watering 1gal pots every week and 2-3 gallon pots every 2 weeks. depends on how big the plant is and how much it drinks. how ...
skip watering for a day ??
... watering for a day ?? i usually water once a day.....i forgot to leave a gallon sitting out for 24 hours and do not want to use water ...

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