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Creekside33 & Coastin's Outdoor Grow #1 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS
... how to pick a good spot, in the sun, half the battle is over. Like I said before. I expect to ... , if not, put some camo around it or ... some bomb ass plants. I want to get started ...
The Farmer's Garden
... Posted by namewasdallas Plants look good its hard to tell that ... to get in . I got this visual of you all camo ... Indeed I do, thanks to a very wise man. How often would you ...
The Farmer's Garden
... to apply a viable humic acid product on a regular basis, your plants will look and grow to ...
Randee's Mountaineer Football Bud Bowl
... moss for camo. I would like to do Barney's; Vanilla Kush, ... to germinate them. hehehe.... I think that is correct. wow randee your plants look great dude! i love how ...
2011 Organic Outdoor Grow: Northern California
... to my plants and I don't even notice. And yeah the urkle came from a killer mother plant ... to pop some camo cloth on the top of each stake . Just to ...
2011 Organic Outdoor Grow: Northern California
... plant in the last photo are looking bulky and strong. Great grow so far, can't wait to see these bushes flower. How ... into either pulling those stakes out to camo paint them or ...
2011 Organic Outdoor Grow: Northern California
... a stake and they work great . Awesome camo and the stake flexes like a fishing pole ... to leave them on because of how little you visit your plants. I on the other hand have to ...
OldPork's Deep in the Bush 2011
... plant then they will 100% be in my seed bank. so sorry to ... to success is soil. My best results are happening in the Roots 707 that comes in 30 gal camo ... to tell you how ...
OldPork's Deep in the Bush 2011
... I camo'd an old folding ladder and went out to ... plants and they seem to be fighting it like champs. I haven't been to the plot today to ... on to my next project. That's just how I ...
OldPork's Deep in the Bush 2011
... how far along the plants are, denseness of buds, etc. What I can tell you is; I too was wondering how to ...

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