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DJ's articles / info
... how to "grow the good buds" through their timely how-to grow books. It was after this that another interesting progression was able to ...
Green House Seed Co. Trainwreck, Cheese & Lemon Skunk
... San Diego. Mexican X Columbian ... to speak about those 2.... i can tell by how he describes the plants he talking about>>> he dont know HOW to grow ...
A treasure of old school seeds found
... Columbian Gold... the real deal... yummmmmm... Santa Marta Gold** was my fav from then / Panama (closely related to ... how to grow ...
prices in your area [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... people know how to grow good weed. ... of Santa Marta Gold for ... To each his own- but if I could put in a "dream order" I'd be happy with a $35 oz of Columbian ... in san fran ...
The Temple: Tropical Greenhouse [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... how much longer on those? keep up the great work man. would love to grow ...
Colombian Landrace from Cali
... how ... grow in different locations. You can not ask really for Columbian Gold line there but maybe dorada de montaņa de Sta Marta which smells to ...
WELCOME Fellow Geriatric Stoners!
... school how much fun it was to grow (back ... rush of Santa Marta Gold? How about the redbud? ... mate came back from San Diego, and went ... the Gold and Red Columbian for a few years ...
Seeds Addiction???
... to grow out next :confused: Originally posted by fAtbLuNtS wow...some of u have so many diff u know wut to grow out next :confused: always try to plan a grow ...
Crossing a IBL with a Landrace?
... Marta ... grow both reproduction organs. They all know how to ... to do to deal with a burnout" Last week it was columbian ...
Best tropical vacation island w/ cannabis?
... Marta. I find the AG to ... to the oaxaca gold or columbian but smaller than the fuerrero green. It grows into a diamond shape like the old columbians ... is how to ... (San San bay) near ...

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