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a couple of questions Hash making? best ways? - 420 Magazine
... making hash. I've got the 5-bag setup and am very pleased with the results. I used to make hash with ice, water and a blender, but that took forever to ...
different extraction techniques - 420 Magazine
... how do you make nitrogen extracted wax? or oxygen, co2..etc. how do you make different spectrum hashes? i know you can make ...
Has anyone heard of Ear Wax? - 420 Magazine
... Wax? - 420 ... a G. I just got some, I the thing I'm tryin to figure out is how to make it. I've read..freezing hash oil to ... make perfect wax from OG, but Sour Diesel only makes a ...
Hep C Blues - 420 Magazine
... hash to make a tincture and then just spray or use a dropper to ... to 3% solution in a pump spray treats colds the flu ear wax if your a ...
Hash Making - 420 Magazine
... Makes it so much easier too, and lets you do more in one run. [I [/I] I thought about getting the bags but, now that I know how to ...
Get Your 420 Needs Met HERE! - 420 Magazine
... How To Books, 420 apparel, fine glassware, Volcano Vaporizers and a ...
Coming along nicely - 420 Magazine
... a pretty big thumb)... my bro and me are going to make a pipe out of it. also... the buds i had to ...
BCNL Producer & DIY Cabs 3 Strains - 420 Magazine
... to royalties. Since then, bands will often list multiple songwriters on a song to make sure this doesn't happen, but back in early rock & roll, this is EXACTLY how ...
Irish's Harvest Journal, 2009 - 420 Magazine
... How do they count hash? You outdoor growers sure make a gardener jealous! Oh that would cut down on the weight, alrightie. I don't know how they count hash ...
where to hide your stash? - The Garden's Cure
... wax..never heard of it how deep? wont the moisture in the earth condinsate through the jars? Paraffin wax can be found at some craft stores that have a candle making ...

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