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how to make bho wax from buds

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bho wax pics - Stoner Forums
bho wax pics - Stoner Forums hey I'm new, just wanted to ... make the switch can you tell me more about your accident? i've been safe so far but i'd like to learn from ...
What is the best way to use BHO?
... to try something like this on my own. :canabis: I like to make Cannabrex pills from my BHO. I use 3 grams to make ...
CO2 hash oil extraction? How to?
... to the CO2 method as well. Well any enlightenment on where to find more or how to make ...
What is/how to perform decarboxylation & isomerization?
... to get opinions about decarboxylation of THCA-A with alkaline conditions. To that end I am trying to figure out whether it's wise, and how to, make ...
E-Cigarettes: A How-To With Canna
... to make bho. That's real. My talking shiz seems to pale in comparison. you make BHO outside man i want some in apple flavor Lmfao I love how ...
Making Qwiso with moldy buds
... make BHO out of his buds. I'm trying to get him to either post or let me know what it looks like... How exactly should you filter the buds ...
Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO!
... how to make ... to fertilize my crop, but she/hes buds are very skinny so i decided to make iso from it, but i want to know if its ok to ...
Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... bud and trim to make butter. works fine. so high from the qwiso now, planning tomorrow's lessons. took about an hour to write this. peace Dude what ever happend to ...
Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... from buds i smoked, last night, got .4 and Im about to dab the last of it. and Lol it kicks my oil made out of my homegrown whole buds ... how to make ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... wax like substance... Quote: Originally Posted by High as Space so is he saying its better to make bho with the buds ...

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