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The difference between Acetone and ISO. - THCfarmer
... to make other chemicals that make plastics, fibers, and drugs . Acetone is also used to dissolve other substances. back to top 1.2 What happens to ...
How do you fluff your Oil or BTO into wax or Budder? - THCfarmer
How do you fluff your Oil or BTO into wax or Budder? - Page 2 - THCfarmer Great read bro.. and couldnt agree more.. I have been making oil for close to 10 yrs now with butane.. Just in the past few yrs have my patients been on this budder kick.. So I try to deliver ...
Very quality hashish, know how ? - THCfarmer
... to Super melt/budder ...
Getting some 420 stash ready How about you - THCfarmer
... How about you - Page 4 ... we are going to have fun for shure. That budder is so wicked ... awkend to remember . . BHO is so heavy. You're going to get me to make a ...
this is what budder is! - THCfarmer
... make sweet ass hash. I know nothing though. After looking deeper into this budder ...
Indoor 600W Organic Soil - Dispensary Blueberry Bagseeds - THCfarmer
... makes life easy. There are some DIY's for Hempy Buckets (Please correct me if spelling is wrong) on here that show how to make ...
Gold dust oil - THCfarmer
... not a solid ,if u overpurge u get whta they call budder ,which imo is fucked up oil and still contains quite a ... as oils are one of the last things I dont know how to make with ...
rocky mountain high...Colorado.. - THCfarmer
... how to make ... to a consistency that resembles peanut butter, hence budder. I bought a "rose in a glass" (meth pipe) at my local indian bodega to smoke my budder, how ...
Ear Wax Hash Instructions? - THCfarmer
... like budder. Neither looks to me like "earwax " If you just want it to look ... youtube has a lot of how-to videos too. vac purging can make wax, depending on the ...
How do you like to smoke your weed?
... a while, but I have to make sure I'm totally centered ... need a job teaching people how to roll joints! :jump: I smoke ... and a butane lighter, smoke weed, budder, oil, hash all in ...

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