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Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... me. now to make bho, i need to first make bubble hash ... dab on noodle, then 190 for 10 minutes in oven to ... At least that is how I am reading it ... flakes fell in to the oil, and now ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... to stick to a tool conveniently for a hit. History: This stuff is all the rage in Canada and thanks to the Internet certain people found out about how to make ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... oil will look like...coincidentally when I made/make quiso hash oil its golden like BHO, but I never use heat to ... !!! Its dab-able oil ... to try it with freshly dried buds. So how ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... dab rips me good. So I am satisfied with the quality of my trim oil. I just have to figure out how to yield more oil ...
Get your BHO answers/info HERE
... to be crazy making oil from kief . On paper should be 50-56% return? Holy crap o wonder how ...
Firecrackers - Quick Tutorial w/ Pics
... to further insure that the stuff gets drowned in the mixture rather than layered on top. Try to make ...
Hash vs Weed
... how to make bubble hash(just like many peeps in the states, jamaicans smoke tons of weed but hash is new to ... to sleep though). small dab ...
Sirsog's Official Pick up Thread
... oil you did nothing to make, or 20 for a gram you bring me trim to make, or more than a gram if it ends up that way hahaha. My oil ...
NorthNorth's Stash Thread Seattle Oil Hash & Buds
... Oil Hash & ... you use? and how many mega pixels ... makes any sense but it does to me haha Thanks for checking this out guys, my apologies for not updating. Ill get some dabs ...
HAER'S pick up's of smoking devices and more!
... to make some iso hash or get some bho really put the bulb to work We are not talking about how well it works, haha just about how ... to see how well it works with oils ...

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