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Hash vs Weed
... even sure HOW they make lower grade wax's instead of shatter errls.... I make hash and it comes out fantastic clear and golden... I dont know how to make lower quality haha ...
- - Show your Hash/Oil! - -
... Hash/Oil! - - - Page 19 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by Hashsnob the only way to use iso is in combination with butane. run bho to make ...
Is making concentrates really worth it?
... making it hard? but that sound kinda cool regardless Yea it could be, i stopped making shatter ...
drop your glass pipe? how to fix it.
... how to fix it. - Forums sup bladeses? so im sitting in my friends car after we'd gotten done smoking when the need to ...
S0calt0ker's Wonderfully Dank Pickup Thread ***Caution Dank Pictures***
... og he wants to make shatter with so gonna ... makes me wanna come here more often. lookin forward to seein more of your buds, hash ... THC per bar. SoCaltoker how does that J1 ...
Bubble hash (aka ice wax) with Matt Rize
... make the hash ... shatter hash. Yumm ICE WAX! Matt, How ...
Guide to types of hashish - 420 Magazine
... to black on the surface and lighter on the interior. Air contact makes this hash ...
Goo ball recipes? - THCfarmer
... how to make these or have a link? From another site. Sounds just like the recipe we used to make ...
How to tell if its good hash?
How to tell if its good hash? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums So I'm flying where there supposedly will be an abundance of hash. I'm a hash ...
Fluff hash
... how to make this? or hear of Fluff hash before? i think you are talking about pure bubblehash powder the 70 micron and 120 micron makes some pretty sticky hash ...

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