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Fjs breeding thread
... and learning how to cross and trying to learn how to fix ... BHO up there was made from 100g of white widow outdoor-grown. the oil got hot water purged then hot water washed ...
Hash < in all forms > homemade
... extremely crystally after purging up ... of extracting ( water & BHO ) ... pic is how sticky my ... to basic methods at the moment too! lol When I can afford it I wanna buy a washing ...
Chimeras Coco Thread
... A BHO run ... washed out ... to do is add water... I am going to use blazeoneup's, "water only" mix. His results are astounding....We will see how ... the purge--to 'budder ...
Trouble finding hexane? Look no further!!
... BHO over boiling water to increase evaporation rate. There are methods that use CO2 plus other components to ...
Just blew shit up
... to make BHO near any heating element, let alone a stove. Warm water from the faucet is more than enough to purge oil. You just need to ...
... to purge using a vacuum, but vacuum flasks are impossible to scrape.. how ...
HONEY OIL !DENATURED STYLE [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... water everclear can be drank. you can take any alcoholic beverage and distill it into 99.99% alcohol look up how to make a homade reflux apparatus and how ...
... how to make Hash oil. To ... to use either of these solvents for washes longer than 10 seconds to ... water remove some acetone from water. Some acetone in water ...
ACETONE is WIDELY used as an ORGANIC solvent.
... to pull out the water soluble chemicals in the "organic" layer (the acetone/THC wash ...
? on sticky oil vs crystally oil
... how to compare various cannabis fruits. Hey Hammerhead, I have looked at your fantastic bho ...

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