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H3ad goes Coco [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... to know how to get my nutrient profile for the mix I'm using! Is it just using the calculator and cannastats? Welome to ...
H3ad goes Coco [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... to distinguish the various deficiencies, I can tell others that once you begin to understand how to dial, the story is over and things start to flow. For example: I use ...
INDOOR Sugar Shack 1.4k watt closet first timer!!
... budswell. their usage and amounts varies but i think you understand,. pbp bloom is my main and the rest are additives. i would like to be able to use ...
Totally Hidden Perpetual Organic SCROG
... use the 3500CRI MH to “prepare” them for the HPS. They adjust without any stress. I force the roots to feed off my worm castings and budswell ... roots have to go down. how do you ...
second indoor grow??
... use. liquide karma diamond necture sweet seaweed extract calmag+ pure blend pro grow in veg for flower i loose the pbp grow and introduce indoneasion guano and budswell ...
Oregon outdoor seed, grown in so-cal backyard
... a last topping of budswell right before the flush ... white, but we could use those to bring her back. Second ... how to grow dank ass ganja in the forests of Cali. Much respect to ...
Foxfarm Feeding
... how important it is. My local hydro place told me that instead of buying the storage solution, to use ... in flower i was running bb and budswel but due to a lack of n i started ...
An Organic Grow
... go around is to see how they receive the soil mixture and foliars. Hows that for an ... I will use Indonesian for the first couple of feedings and then switch to Budswell for the ...
Best soilless mix???
... use? 50/50? i want to make guano teas or wormcasting teas of some sort, but i am clueless to how to ... site using 60% Promix bx, 40% perlite, gypsum , bonemeal and budswell bat ...
Slips 07 indoor cRaZYNess for personal & patients
... use Budswel which works killer with the PBPro. I also add some sugar daddy for sugar. But I stopped using Liquid karma as mjuch as I used to ... man, cant wait to see how this one ...

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