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how to use epsom salt for mag def

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Newbie Question about magnesium def.
... use. Or please if you could eplain to me what epsom (salt) is and how to use it ? Thanks and heads up for a great site Epsom (salt ...
Brown Dots on older leaves, and drooping off and on, PICS, Please Help
... how would I add that stuff (like what to buy?) I use dolomite lime for calcium and epsom salt for mag ...
Epsom Salt
... mag. def. and this is needed to help. How do you wait till it gets better. Also how did you get the formula for mixing. Don't want to over do it. How ...
Epson salt for mag. Deficiency
... salt for mag. Deficiency Have curling tips , loosing color , and burnt looking spots appearing on the leaves,not the tips,. Thinking mag ...
calmag or epsom salt - The Garden's Cure
... Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, so it contains magnesium and sulfur. The other nutrients you are using would determine which, if either, or both, would be best for you to ...
cal/mg or epsom salt? - The Garden's Cure
... def from hell using GH, no clue really. Never for me tho epsom salt is a helluva lot cheaper! dont think epsom salt has calcium, only mag. allegedly GH only needs epsom salt ...
Lime causing Mag def?
... use Cal/mag Plus or try epson salt! Not sure wat to do at this point. Plant is mid level mag def ...
useing espom salt??
... how much thank you red hi Red epsom salts should be used to cure a magnesium deficiency. i would recommend not using epsom salts in your soil. if you need to use epsom salts ...
how to treat a mag def???
... use the epsom salt if you're sure the def is caused by an absence of mag, and not ph issues in the soil. Best way I know is to use epsom salt ...
Early Sign of Cal or Mag def?
... for solutions to the issue, but its hard to determine 100% if I should be concerned. Most of the info on cal/mag def ...

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