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*Non-Lightbulb* Homemade vaporizer tutorial
... a good place to start from. To make it vaporize is pretty self explanatory, but I know some newbie to vaporizers is gonna ask how, soo.... 1. Put your herb/ keif/ hash/ resin ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... to completely convert to vapor with just one vaporizer(not saying it cant pave the way but not many vaporists can stick to ... hash ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... but u might end up vaporizing it in the process. probably use some iso alc and make some wand hash..there are some how to's on FC. reclaim via ... without taking the whole elbow off then i lose a decent amount of vapor... Plus i don't need to let any smell escape...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... hash joint at night, perfect bedtime smoke. vaporizing hash this sticky and crumbly is messy. yeah it tends to crumble, almost reminds me of bubble hash ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... to "have a grip" on things. lwien's point is very valid. I am in this to convince MMJ patients to Vaporize ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... it for hash oil/cannabutter. Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by TwztedElegance how the ... Simple facts. This is why people turn to vaporizers. Put down that crack pipe. Where ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... vaporizer club --- - Page 595 - Forums i dont think itd be possible to ... Wand/Whip Cleanup Yes.. I collect wand hash... oils.. etc, but not from this wand ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... hash collection! I collect tons of hash oil... We are talking here about how to ...
--- the vaporizer club ---
... to go up to 220C and see how much vapor came out: more! Damn I'm happy with my purchase. I can't wait to ... wand to gimme yummy hash... not to mention I still have the avb to do ...
Everything You Want To Know About Vaporizers
... to know is how to drive it. To use a whip-style vaporizer, place bud in the glass bowl on one end of the whip and then connect the bowl end to ...

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