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mastacheesin the day away - THCfarmer
... straight to the goods dutchmaster gold a/b, botanicare cal mag, dynagro protect, humboldt bushmaster, gravity, purple maxx, h+g roots, bud xl, drip clean, gen hydro kool ...
Grow More Mendocino Avalanche - THCfarmer
... to me as a replacement for gravity Flower hardener specially developed and field tested in the Emerald Triangle of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties in Northern ...
Nutes and Soil, AN and Cutting Edge - THCfarmer
... a run w/Cutting Edge 3part, Humtea, Uncle Johns, Plant Amp and Humboldt's Gravity in rockwool... Next run was AN Conn.. full line but instead of AN ...
Using Bush Master is hydro? - THCfarmer
... less is more..just like the other Humboldt products I have used this many ... have never heard that the combo of Gravity and Bushmaster would speed up flowering... ...
aerofarmer needs dropped on the soil, please help - THCfarmer
... acid, protect silica(soil + foilar), drip clean, humboldt bushmaster(soil and foilar), humboldt purple maxx(soil and foilar), humboldt gravity, h+g top booster, h+g mulitzyme ...
Cutting Edge Solutions Nutrients - THCfarmer
... had amazing results with the 3part, plus plant amp, uncle johns, humtea and humboldts gravity... ive also tried gh but the cutting edge takes the gold. good prices ...
what is the best nutrients to use? - THCfarmer
... and garden roots excel house and garden top booster humboldt bushmaster humblodt purple maxx humboldt gravity general hydro koolbloom powder advanced nutrients bud candy(i ...
(Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide - THCfarmer
... carb product, sucrose or glucose? I tried Humboldt Honey before but I didn't ... clearex? thanks alot o oh and canna boost gravity snow storm been using mycomadness and ...
Piranha & Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients, 2nd time grow, are they any good? - THCfarmer
... herb u gota use an big bud an bud candy an piranha and humboldt gravity try it i guarentee u will have the biggest rock hard sticky frost ... herb u gota use an big bud an bud candy an piranha and humboldt gravity try it i guarentee u will have the biggest rock hard sticky frost ...
Need help with additives, have shooting powder, moab, big bud - THCfarmer
... and shooting powder are very similar right? 3. I've been considering using humboldt gravity to increase density, is this needed or does something I have already cover ...

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