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ChristianKungFu - Basic Elements and Nutrient Balance (Long) - 420 Magazine
... mention that if you use ammonium nitrogen ferts in the same medium as lime, ammonia gas will be produced, much of the N will leave the soil ... so or you will screw your efforts. Hydrated Lime is a cheap, easy way to do this. Don't use the lime with SP and TSP though...they already ...
How Do I Prepare my Outdoor Plot? - 420 Magazine
... I feel the original dirt it is lacking in rich topsoil) * dolomite or hydrated lime * green sand * wood ash * blood meal / bone meal * glacial rock dust * worm castings ...
What are Soil Amendments? - 420 Magazine
... exchange. Dolomite lime. Frequently used in planting mediums to offset acidity, that is, lime raises pH. Dolomite lime is slower acting and more buffered than hydrated lime.
ph problems - 420 Magazine
... ? I have a 2lb bag of hydrated lime and a bad of pelitized dolomite lime. I was thinking of adding 1 Tbs of hydrated lime to a gallon of water and ... also added dolomite lime pellets. That will hopefully keep my ph under control once I transplant to bigger pots. I also mixed one tablespoon of hydrated lime to one ...
best soil - 420 Magazine
... unstable ph. I had to monitor it a lot more and water with hydrated lime more often since the ph would keep lowering over time. Now that I ... peat mixes that are already going in pots with plants then I use hydrated lime to correct that. One tablespoon per gallon of water. Monitor ph and repeat ...
peat soil - 420 Magazine
... 10x (4cf) the amount cost. Dolomitic lime at the same places or HD, ~$10 for a 40lb bag. Do NOT get hydrated lime, it is not appropiate for MJ ... was a mixture of the following Promix premier sphanum/peat perlite vermiculite dolomite lime worm castings 1010 chemical fertilizer the ratio I was considering was 60% peat ...
Pro-Mix Potting Soil - 420 Magazine
... pH. 2-4% Kelp meal and/or Guano: For additional macro/micornutrients. if lime isnt available do you think its best to use seedling mix than a ... Hawaii> they are 3.8 cu ft bales> I applicate 2 cups of Hydrated Lime per 3.8 Cu ft. to begin seedings in or rooted cuttings after ...
ph? - 420 Magazine
... of baking soda being used, but will investigate> maybe Hydrated Lime> A mutual friend uses an H20 base along with Hydrated Lime & Hydogen Peroxide to flush the last 2 ...
How will this mix due? (newb) - 420 Magazine
... to burn) if you do not know how to use it correctly: Add Hydrated Lime to the outdoor soils: 1 cup per 10 sq ft section. Add perlite ...
Conradino23's "Survivors Are The Champions" organic experimental grow in Air Pots! - 420 Magazine
... used? Organic Miracle Glow till the middle of July, some egg shells' tea, hydrated lime once in August, then some bone meal straight in the soil and bone ...

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