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Plants drooping over (not yellow)
... veg. About 5 weeks old. They are drooping a little (leaves hanging down rather than nice and sharp). ... of nutrients..soil or hydro? how big is ur pot or hydro tank? if its a ...
Leaves curling wierdly
... a pH of 6.5 and lower, in hydro it starts at 5.8 and below. If ... and decrease the nutrient level. 6) Droopy Leaves - Leaves that are drooping are most likely caused by over ...
Need your help in the worst way! Drooping Leaves. (Full details and pics listed)
... way! Drooping Leaves. (Full details and pics listed) I am a total ... related? I followed the advice of my local hydro shop and flushed with RO water and fed ...
My Plant is Drooping and Leaves are Turning Brown & Curling Please Help!
... Drooping and Leaves are Turning Brown & Curling Please Help! - Page 5 ... plants... I know feck all about soil, I'm a hydro man. but the lights you're using are way ...
Droopy leaves & slow growth
... by looking at the leaves. Leaves that are drooping from overwatering will be ... "better", more convenient setup is soil. Hydro makes plants grow faster, but won't make ...
Whats wrong with my leaves? Subcools super soil
... base, which is promix) Are my leaves supposed to look like this? ... sides roll up and slight droop you have if I use ... used to use a few different hydro methods so imo I needed the ...
hydro to soil question
... were in hydro, but i am a soil guy, so i planted them and its been a week but they are still drooping and the bottom leaves haved turned ... like they could be too wet. and wouldn't it take awhile for hydro roots to grow strong enough to grow and dig in soil ...
Leaves are drooping and turning yellow/purple
Leaves are drooping and turning yellow/purple Man it seems everything went perfectly for about two months and now all I have is problems. My plants' leaves ...
What causes droopy plants in hydro?
... hydro. I'm thinking since it has the biggest root system, maybe it sucked up the most nutes and its drooping ...
soil cutting to hydro, and vice versa, is it possible?
... my soild plants and clone it into a hydro set up, and can i even do the same but from hydro to soil? just curious. i also want to know what it means when the tips of my leaves droop and curl under themselves ...

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