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Young Shepard Cross Breed in Deep Water Culture - 420 Magazine
... kill those last two clones I purchased a big bottle of Hydro International's Bloom h202, basically 50%strength hydrogen peroxide ... flawless!! Not a single bug infestation, nor a ...
Help with hydro thrips! - The Garden's Cure
... all of the trips you can out... hydrogen peroxide can kill the eggs at the root zone and ... some insectiside... hope this helps, i hate bugs and hope you get them under control, ...
Spider Mites!! - The Garden's Cure
... me just echo LittleBit's suggestion... lady bugs are excellent for a variety of pests, ... them? alteredego I use hydrogen peroxide. 25 ml per L, kills the critters dead. and the ...
vinegar & pepper spray ? - The Garden's Cure
... over my plants and just about killed them. Vinegar bad. Good morning, ... bugs from mites to no see um things and gnats. To clean my top soil I have always used hydrogen peroxide ...
Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial - 420 Magazine
... Part 2 Sick plants that are from bug infestation, ph problems and over watering ... can add H202( Hydrogen Peroxide) with your water or hydro setup to kill the bacteria caused from ...
I've got Spider Mites, now what do I do? - 420 Magazine
... on plastics and different materials. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaner for biological material. It kills all the germsand bugs. And its cheap just like ...
Simple Bucket Question From A Newb - 420 Magazine
... control, and ventilation. Ive covered bugs, molds, and algae. Ive ... . Don't forget the hydrogen peroxide once a week to help ... I don't want to kill my first set of ladies. ...
nute disorder, plz advise! - 420 Magazine
... hydrogen peroxide and have been flushing the shit out of my plants. It has been a couple days and I see no evidence of more bugs ...
Lusi's 1st Indoor Grow Journal - In My New GL80L Tent - 420 Magazine
... . The soak killed them. Better these two gals die than bring in a single bug. I' ... pics of this yet. I was playing with Hydrogen Peroxide mixes in the water. I don't trust ...
Booboostank's DWC/CFL Stealth Romulan Grow - 420 Magazine
... added a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to prevent this and I ... bad thing is that I noticed bugs on the roots and its ... the grow! any ideas how to kill off aphids that seem to ...

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