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First Grow, Himalayan Kush & Bubblicious
... (one each pot) with hydroton concealing the rockwool, and ... growing 2 Autp Haze's in my indoor grow garden . I'll be watching your thread! Day 21: Before going to bed ...
Grow Journal
... hydroton. if the latter, are you using any kind of bubblestone? or is the hydroton ...
new grow room design help
... that can later ruin your grow. Keep measuring cups, scissors, razor blades ... ), and a 50liter bag of hydroton ($35). Then buy an 8 way ... best. Im going 2 bed I gotta get my shred ...
First Grow...Permafrost, Matenuska TF, and Motivation
... seems to be some mold on the hydroton. Looking over the previous pics, it looks ... at night before bed. As for the Matenuska, another friend is also currently growing that, and ...
sm∞ve « organic • SCROG • 400w • closet growing
... my second ever soil grow. Are you familiar with Soma's Organic Beds? I basically just ... bottom 4 inches of the tub is hydroton. Quote: I'll be interested in watching ...
First Grow: LR2's with CFL's
... spectrum cfl.. One of thems growing in hydroton, and one in 25% hydroton, 75% soil. They are ... for me to have a joint and go bed you prolly wanna put your cfls closer. ...
My first grow 2 northern soul, 2 blue cheese 1 pure gold
... thought on my grow. I got 5 little buds growing under 5 cfl ... the whole closet. i have hydroton as the medium and general ... tonight its a bowl then bed. so i took the 2 ...
1st Grow Journal (WW) + (ClusterBomb)
... covered in Panda Plastic) Grow System : AeroFlo 36 w/ net cups + Hydroton Lighting : 2 x ... the taste is killller, clear high, bed-time smoke. Quote: Originally Posted by ...
Philly's High Hopes Perpetual Grow 
... to rockwool and then into the buckets with hydroton. I will top each of them 1 time ... bed???? I fookin hope not man!! This is the 1st time I am ever gonna be growing something ...
grow room floor covering and watering
... on their closet grow floor. ... bed but for an indoors setup, hmm. i want to get the water just in the pot. do people use 'miniature' watering cans to aid control. would hydroton ...

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