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Soil VS Hydro- Whats cheaper
... VS Hydro- Whats cheaper - Page 3 Yeah soil is great....... for bugs and nutrient problems and it's not forgiving. Rock ... to work with, hydroton and water are ...
ebb & flood vs drip feed? - The Garden's Cure
... for veg or vs.? im just curious to ... hydroton)...... man the labor is almost nothing when compared to cleaning hydroton ... to attend to besides cleaning rocks all day. Hope that ...
Constant feed vs interval in lava rocks - THCfarmer
... vs interval in lava rocks - THCfarmer Just made the switch from rockwool to lava rocks. lava rock ... looking into lava rocks as an alternative to hydroton - most reports I ...
Sunleaves Rocks vs hydroton - THCfarmer
Sunleaves Rocks vs hydroton - THCfarmer Sunleaves Rocks are a reusable growing medium with serious H20-holding power for use in ...
Drain to waste vs Rec in 70/30 coco/pert
... hydroton, lava rocks or any other inert hydro meduim? Why would your rez become so unballenced with coco but stay OK in lava rocks ... (canna). Perlite cut vs. straight coco - a ...
Hydroton or Lava Rock
... rocks are just as good as Hydroton to use as a medium. If this is the case then Lava rock wins hands down because unlike Hydroton, lava rock ...
soil vs rockwool??
... vs rockwool?? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic ... grow rocks or hydroton in your hydro system?? good point Idd... You use hydroton or Lava rocks? I like the hydroton ...
... rock in place of hydroton in ... hydroton in my own system. The dispersion of water through hydroton is so superior it isn't even funny. MASSIVE root structure in the hydroton vs ...
KFB vs. DWC vs. Bio-buckets
... side not.. do you/have you compared hydroton/lava rock to see which works best in multiflow/ ... thread was supposed to be about KFB vs. DWC vs. Bio-buckets but all I keep hearing ...
Dusty VS Root rot-ROUND 3-Never give up!
... VS Root ... . Quote: Originally Posted by Dustybowlz YOU ROCK. I looked for somthing like that ... cycles I wash everything (but the hydroton) in a 2% bleach solution.. After ...

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