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is smoking mold bad

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Are all molds bad ? - The Garden's Cure
... molds bad ? - The Garden's Cure I don t know, but , a mite problem got out of hand, and a white mold ...
MOLD on pot - photos
... smoking mold ... smoked it the other day, and I didn't die, or nuthing. Nobody expected you to "die or sumthing". You know something can be bad ...
MOLD on pot - photos
... smoked mold unknowingly Scary, ha i dont inspect every nug i smoke that close.. makes me wonder with all the weed ive smoked ...
Mold? WHat does it look like? HELP!
... DO NOT SMOKE MOLD Save the bad parts and make some hash out of it Thread jack alert. Will the mold make you sick? Obiously 1 is not ...
... is mold bad? the answer is ... mold? if you ever get buds, and have that mold in the room, it will quite easily get on the buds, consuming them, making them unfit to be smoked ...
Crap! Is this mold or rot or both or something else entirely?
... is grey mold, not nice at all dont smoke it!! Yep, definitely bud mold (Botrytis). It's a fungus known as Botrytis blight or gray mold ...
Is a little MOLD bad for the whole jar?
Is a little MOLD bad for the whole jar? [Archive] - International ... dont smoke molded buds this is why you put a hygrometer in your do you not dry it out correct is ...
Is this mold?
... is mold. I have had part of a harvest develop some once, it didn't really effect the weed though, I just picked it off and it smoked ...
MOLD on pot - photos
... , common sense points toward smoking mold is bad for you. Ide chunk the nasty part and smoke the rest weve all smoken tiny mold spots now and then. Quote ...
MOLD on pot - photos
MOLD on pot - photos - Page 10 - Forums Ok so theres is mold i see but can you smoke parts of the nug that dont have mold on it or ... a bad idea to smoke bud that had mold *anywhere* on it. The spores are all over the stuff even where there is no visible mold yet. If it's got mold ...

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