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Chemdawg DoubleD Smoke/Grow Report
... to you in '08 Hubcap: Nice pics and nice report. These are exactly the kinds of grow/smoke reports I like to see because it helps growers like me ... best grow reports/smoke reports. I will give away the seeds I don't use to people I know so rest assured they won't go wasted. Reports like this ...
What ya smokin' tonight????
... women ... smoking :...a megadose ofand none of thiscuase i'll be i gottahasta la ... smoke report on various strains he smoked in Amstam. The reason this is a good report ...
Will The King Of Pot Go Up In Smoke? - 420 Magazine
... in which owning, smoking and cultivating marijuana ... in San Francisco told reporters that he ran ... creation of a Women's Council, in ... ., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Las Vegas. He's ...
The Butcher Pride - 420 Magazine
... the La woman. good smoke their Thanks Irishboy. Never smoked any LA WOMEN before. ... last couple days, but I got a harvest report and a final pictorial of the last ...
First smoking lounges in the US to open in Oregon
... reported ... in LA ... smoking in CA as a patient? I thought it says you can smoke anywhere cigarettes can be smoked right? So does this mean you can smoke ... men and women, old and young ...
Well old stoners, how long have you been smoking and what got you started?
... doing a book report and it was ... to the casino. Las Vegas, my man!! We oughta ... Understanding of women also ... smoked and I enjoyed smoking daily for many years. I was 18 when I smoked ...
....smokes weed
... in LA ... smoke weed?:woohoo: just watched the cnn discussion of michael phelps, Props to the girl reporter, that dude ken baker is bitch. I smokes ... with women, sometimes dirty women ...
DEA is still at it-- 5 Raids in LA today--
... LA Federal Bldg - FEB 5th California NORML has confirmed reports of 5 DEA raids in LA ... right to grow/smoke marijuana is worhtless ... AG, several congressmen/women, activists who ...
OG Kush
... Very nice! Tanks for report. Looks great. Thats ... if i remember correctly la con is a ... many growing for personal smoke.......It's good ... same way i do women & marriage. i love ...
Approved LA Dispensary Raided
... the recent montana and LA news stories aren't ... a million men and women in prison for ... the plant and smoked marijuana to be a ... the corporate-owned MSM reports voter polling data ...

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