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leaf tips brown in hydro

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Browning pistols at 2 weeks 12/12
... brown ... leaf tip burn. Good lookin out. Learning to read your plants is uber important . Now, I can't see your medium (soil, hydro ...
tips of leaves are yellow...weird ball thing growing
... in new soil and noticed that the roots were growing out of the drain holes...So i went to my local hydro ... gets wet. Nute burn shows up as yellowing/browning/crisping leaf tips ...
Yellowing leaves with red/brown spots spreading fast... help.
... in Hydro and Soil less Mediums at ph levels of 6.0-8.0 (WouldnÂ’t recommend having a ph over 6.5 in hydro ...
My super skunk Hydro grow journal
... leaf tips because my PPM was too high (over 500), I have reduced it to 350PPM now so im waiting to see if that fixes the yellow leaf tips ...
Yellow, brown spots on older leaves, seems to be spreading to newer leaves
... brown spots. On my biggest plant i got brown spots at the tip and my second biggest seem like there in middle of the leaf ...
Strange Yellowing & Brown Spots
... in hydro just remember alil goes alooong way. Thanks for the tip ...
new leaves yellow, curling tips, stems are becoming purple, HELP!
... the yellow on the leaves and the leaf tips curling and turning brown at the tip. 4 times a day in hydro should be fine. And your ...
growing hydro and havein problem please help
... the dead brown roots by trimming them away with sharp scissors. Do not leave them in the tank. ... leaf tip and see if the bulb is too warm to your hand. If you use Stealth Hydro ...
Hydro New Growth Yellow
... in hydro ...
Leave tips curling down?
... Hydro.............Deficiency is Mg, Ca and K. Mine was only Mg and K. Leaf tips ... leaves closely, in between the serrated edges you will see Chlorosis which will turn a brown ...

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