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leaves cupping up and yellow new growth

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leaves curling up, leaves curling down, yellow tips. and pretty much everything else
... up. I´ve got the same as you npg, fan leaves are curling inwards and bottom leaves are dying. New growth ...
help newbie here leaves curling up \ turning yellow
... leaves are showing signs of curling and yellow color coming up on new leaves. what do i do ? pic 2 and 1 were suppose to be at the same level of growth ...
Leaves Turning Very Light Yellow- HELP!- Pics
... up in about 2 days! Try something like that first The yellowing starts at the edges of the leaves, and now all the new leaves ...
yellow tips - pale new growth - The Garden's Cure
yellow tips - pale new growth - Page 2 - The Garden's Cure I just checked on the ?girls? and ...
Deep Purple yellow tips on new growth, not sure why. - THCfarmer
... new growth and if it looks good, then your good! The way the leaf tips are yellowing out up top and leaving ... - 12 cups of perlite - 1/2 cup bone meal - 1 cup ...
2 weeks in and yellowing? help
... new growth after that dose of nutes yesterday. the leaves that were yellow are still not looking good. they are starting to twist up ...
Small leaves Curling up, Plant fine otherwise
... and pistils and shit. if you want, you can clip all the shriveled leaves up since they really are not doing anything for the plant. save the trimmings. and ...
Rust spots, Yellow tips & rising pH
... new growth and leaves cupping up ( i got epsom salts to fix ) Ty in advance. What kind of hydro setup, ebbnflo, DWC? What is your ppm, feeding schedule, and ...
Leaves all twisted and curling down.
... and its already doubled its size branch wise up and out from there. All of the new growth is shrively and cupping down. I thought over watering at first but the leaves ...
2nd Grow! New Updates Daily!
... new growth around the pot. What I did was wait until the 3rd node and then started lsting, so in fact i think i've already messed up ...

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