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Help! leaves curling up shriveling and browing!
... leaves curling up shriveling and browing! ... high pointed at them. Am i not watering enough? I cant put pics ... off the top of the soil its dry thats why i thought i was ...
**2 PIX** Curled leaves on 2 plants. Could be several problems..
... leaves on them. just one leaf on each plant. Its still green, no discoloration, jus dried out and brittle. I could probably touch it with my finger and it will shrivel ... not ...
Nothing's Working-Yellowing Leaves/Dying
... . A shot up, B, not so much, and C, ... leaves on the plants as they were quite close to the window. The small plants seemed to be exhibiting the worst symptoms. Shrivelled, dried ...
Brown shriveled seed leaves and thinning stems
... shriveling at the tip of one of the seed leaves. It had a couple small true leaves, though because of the light situation they were still small. This brown shriveling ...
sudden damage - need help
... shriveled leaves can be from low humidity. 40-80 % is usually fine. Mold and fungus - Dark patchy areas on leaves ...
Got problem with my leaves i think nutrient burn :(
... leaves on the plants have turned compleatly yellow and are shriveling up and that some of the leaves ... to much if they are not getting a chance to dry out. As the poster above ...
first week of flowering SLH and Nevilles hazy hybrid..bottom leaves dying. first time
... 6.0-6.7 the leaves are shriveling up, some have literally dried to the crumpling point. any ... need some kind of nutrients and that might not be the right source. The humidity is ...
Leaves curling & new growth thin urgent help
... same experience. Your light is not close enough to the plants. They are not able to photosynthesize properly. The shape of the leaves and underdevelopment of the nodes give ... Thank god for that! The affected leaves that curled up seem really dry like they have shriveled up a little I'm not 100 percent sure this is from ...
loosing leaves daily, 3 weeks into flowering?
... yellow fans, some dry crunchy and some shrinking shriveled up ones. ... overfert. Then the fan leaves will get dark green, ... can get away with them not overdrying. They will start ...
Botany of Marijuana - Good read.. I recommend this article for all u noobs out there
... dry. When laid out flat to dry, floral clusters usually develop a flattened, slightly pressed profile, and the leaves do not dry ...

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