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Excellent mite control! SNS-217 - THCfarmer
... with polysorbate-20 or emulsifying wax or lecithin(imo), 1-10% by oil volume, depending ... concentrated neem) 30ml mildew cure (clove, garlic, etc. to prevent mildew/etc. in ...
f*ckin mites - THCfarmer
... use Lecithin and Dawn Dish Detergent mixed for Neem as a surfactant...mix the lecithin ... Im also using eagle 20 for powder mildew merit 75 for root aphids... (stronger version ...
Crap... Whats this?? - THCfarmer
... yard.. Iam still battling dowmy mildew... I got organicide today. As well ... of fish oil, seasame seed oil and lecithin. All natural promises to stink like porpoise ...
Looking for foliar recipes - THCfarmer
... nitro) and it kills or prevents powdery mildew, check out Haifa chemicals on the net MKP ... foliar sprays, you could use egg yolk, the lecithin in it is a natural emulsifier. ive ...
c99 or not.
... overhead watering can result in powdery mildew on the leafs, i suffered little bud ... far. Sulphur and some fungicide based on lecithine. PM keeps comming back. https://www. ...
Nutrients and Additives (UK)
... I start boosting PK I add: Lecithin granules Mono potassium phosphate Sulphate of Potash ... suppress leaf diseases such as powdery mildew, when infection pressure is low. High ...
neem soil drench??
... shown to be highly effective against powdery mildew in the very early stages of the ... ultraviolet inhibitors include sesame oil, lecithin and paraaminobenzoic acid (PABA). 10) ...
Mountain High Freebies - Picture Journal
... the beginnings of the dread menace powdery mildew. so i'm going to cut ... maybe you want to spray your plants with Soja-lecithine , this one stops PM immediately ... , it ...
Dj lines 2007 - test grow
... ... , you can fight the infestation with Soja-Lecithine it changes the ph of the leaf surface ... have unique properties.... Yup, that was Powdery mildew on the stem, but I'm ...
2009 outdoor fun with: WD C99, BJxDC, DCxLS, The Church, and more
... . I've tried sulphur, fungicide based on lecithine. Atm I'm waiting for some new ... , coxswain. And, good luck with the powdery mildew. Be good out there! Thank jakezking. Those ...

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