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Super Lemon Haze - Magnum LED Journal
... compare LEDs to HID lighting... There is simply no comparison... HID is HID, LED is LED... ... heard of these plants going hermie with stress. They still produced some really nice ...
LED grow w/ Black Pearl strain
... mylar and put it at an angle off the LEDS... LED lighting flows straight down, it is not ... , maybe some strains can handle this weird stress.And I wonder if having the lights up ...
LED light setup how?
... to smoke any LED bud that being said, I don't know where these claims of quality being better on LED. LED from what I read light stressed the plant ... to say LED is crap I'm here because I would like proof to LED really being more potent. Only thing i have found is 660nm stressed the plant ...
Really how efficient are LED's?
... potencies, with the LED plant producing much more resin. Speculation exists that the shortage of wavelengths aided in this process, as abnormal stresses have been known to ...
LED growers come here! (please)
... is it worth the investment though? no, the LED's that you are looking at are ... until a couple months later everything finally stressed out and died. i lost alot of ...
protopipe1's led/dwc/fog, 3 strain grow.
... . LIGHTS-3-90 watt triband LEDs, and 1-240 watt 6 band LED (all bought from Gotham Hydro, and plants are loving the stress free environment! GROW AREA-Closet ... head), on a 15/15 schedule. My girls are very uniform under the LEDs, with vert tight internodal spacing, like all the grow journals I have been ...
90w led ufo tri-ban grow
... it silica is supposed to help with heat stress among other things. I use pyrosol as a ... again in every LED thread, that 1w leds are more effecient than 3w leds? Is it becuase ...
MX's Next LED Grow with LST
... Posted by MX Grower Hey pals! Here's my LED girls tonight, 4 days after the last post. ... a big chunk of her off. That just seems stressful, doesn't it? To me, the air flow ...
Irish Boy's 2011 Spectra Led Grow (Revenge Of Casey Jones)
... an hour to induce some positive temp stress and push em into flower. The cooler ... you think of Stealth Grow LEDs in comparison to Spectras.. LED products: SG 1250 HO SG 1202 ...
[300w LED + CFL/T5s] Blue Cheese - Purple Kush - Super Lemon Haze - Easy Ryder
... 300w LED + CFL/T5s] Blue Cheese - Purple Kush - Super Lemon Haze - Easy Ryder - Page 3 - Forums So my Purple Kush is definately stressed from the massive ...

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