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Slowing Vegetative Growth
... vegetative growth? I have plants on a 9 week cycle and the ones in Veg. look like they will outgrow their closet. Currently using a 90 Watt LED UFO for ...
What Type of Lighting is Best? - 420 Magazine
... Lighting is Best? - 420 Magazine Fluorescent or metal halide lighting is best for clones and seedlings. Metal halides are recommended for vegetative growth ...
18/6 or 24 hours?
... where someone uses 24 hours of light for vegetative growth. I currently use 18 hours with 6 ... or look at my LED' LED light for the can gat 3 of em for ...
Building LED lights from facts, no theories
... light spectrums for plants is this article: OPTIMIZATION OF LAMP SPECTRUM FOR VEGETABLE GROWTH ...
Led Grow Lights?
... led doesn't work, don't know the future of lights yet.....AWESOME growth and health. Look at the LED lights for your household...they cost like 25 bucks for ...
Led vs hps ???
... LED's for vegetative growth. I would Run your 1000w HPS with the LED's for the flowering stage. Your plants need the HID bulbs to be running in conjunction with the LED ...
The Definitive Lighting Guide
... penetration are and issue though, and numerous LED's need to be used for effective lighting. For vegetative growth, you'll want a lighting system up around the 5000 to 6500 ...
UFO/HID Grow - Testing LED Lighting
... light stimulates chlorophyll production more than any other colour, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems and compact vegetative growth. excellent for ...
Led lights , does anyone know of there any good ?
... the same growth from high powered floros for a much cheaper price. LED grow lights are still a developing technology. They are ok for vegetative stages and clones ...
LED lights with pics
... light did very well (maybe too well) on the vegetative stage. It had fast vegetative growth, very bushy, and real stocky stems. The roots were fine also. I'm thinking for ...

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