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Suggestions Needed!!!!
... for small grows. Im wanting to grow at least 6-8 plants. I should have specified what type of LED's. I was going with the LED UFO. 2 or ...
First Grow/ Unknown Genitics/HPS/BB
... for being cool lol... anyways i think your making this a bit complicated. I run 3 grows inside a 1 bedroom apartment right now all in closet/tent ... film) or ... LEDS ... HPS puts ... ..small ...
Starting a New Grow Lab
... HPS and Mh at the same time. Or just get some LEDs. We'll see after the next harvest. damn awesome grow ...
DWC Bubble bucket,Cfl, Closet grow journal
... grow journal - Page 5 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by Dado At This point can you use only LED lights instead of the CFL'S Thanks for ...
A ton of questions about DWC and my setup
... hps for 12 days only because it just outgrew the the space in the phototron, the led ...
Small hempy, 150w hps cool tube, couple of questions
... tent has 4 plant sites, I'm planning a small perpetual hempy grow (like the link I posted above) with an auto feed system, for ...
First tent, First SCROG, first time with Canadian Xpress nutes - EUFORIA
... for hydro - single bottle for grow and single for bloom and one additive erquried for boost. For decent overall with lots of aditives to choose from either Canna aqua or ...
Mmmmick 1st closet SCROG 90wLED 3 strains
... or too hot? Or ... tent ... led for a number of years. I don't think the UFO claims of 90w = 400w hid are at all realistic, but for a small grow ...
My first grow - Tent SCROG
... grow - Tent ... LED are fine for veg... Flower you want power! Get a Small HPS light (high pressure sodium) ... Good luck. Cheers for the advice!what's the smallest hps ...
How I'll spend my fall or My first grow
... tent with the 4 lamp 4' T5 and a single lamp 2 ' T5 and the LED UFO for good measure. First Grow Attempt 053 (Medium).jpg First Grow ... small tent with cfl for ...

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