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Your seed stash! (home seed bank)
... but almost certain from Sagarmatha Seeds originally) 07: Bohdi Sativa (Reeferman) 08: Jilly Bean (Subcool) 09: Toe Jam (Cheese X FLO) (Legends Seeds) 10: Mazar-I-Shariff (reef ...
SeedFinder - Alphabetic Cannabis Seed List - t
... 60 Another Joint Project with Legends Seeds, This is ... The Resinator ... Toe Jam DJ Short 63 Joint Project with Legends Seeds ...
joey weed blueberry x ak47
... legends toe jam ...
joey weed blueberry x ak47
... legends toe jam ...
joey weed blueberry x ak47
... legends toe jam ...
Seeds Addiction???
... on the source....bunk seeds are bunk seeds.....most companies like seeds direct will give you ... hashberry legends: rgd mountain mix mountain jam red eyed bride honey bee toe jam ...
Cannabis Cowboy's "HoneyBee"
... You've got me wanting to start my Toe Jam, that's for sure. HoneyBee 9 http:// ... on another note... i just looked at the legends seeds site and noticed that there is no picture ...
... to pick up a ton of your new seeds and was wondering if they will be up ... of the new Legends Own Strains-Sweet Skunk Selfed(Fem), Red Eyed Bride, Honey Bee, Toe Jam and the ...
Red Eyed Bride
... pack of seeds. Legends and Chims are the same just solg under the legends banner ... of these yesterday ...with a pack of toe jam ....and cause they were there anouther pack of ...
Growing out the Mountain Mix
... 't completely seeded. http://www. ... Legends Joint projects: Toe Jam (cheese x flo) High end (rene x BB) Cannabis Cowboy Joint projects: Honeybee (biker bob x flo) Mountain Jam ...

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