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What is the least amount of dark hours to keep 99% of plants in flower?
... light period to 7-8hrs and kept dark period at 12hrs in order to get more dark periods a week. something along the lines of 6:30 on/12off, will give you 9 dark periods ...
Control red to far-red light ratio to limit stretching
... On the crazy side. They did some experiments on some SDP's giving them two extra hours of only blue in the flowering period(1h blue, 12 hours normal light ...
International Clone Only cuts in the UK
... in total darkness? Any light interference from streetlights or anything like that? I have this all the time, if you veg on ... came on ...
Go on the irish
... that period,well thats ... came back to have another look in ... on every light hour,as long as your enviournment is ok they should speed up. What nutes are in ... be dark when lights go ...
daily light integral
... light exposure, which would inhibit flowering in short day plants when given as last light before the dark period ...
Re-evaluating start dates in Ireland for HFH strains.
... in Feb when they were planted we were on 12 hours light ... in what he was saying about the very early start and the dark period ...
Crashin' on the Couch at the House of Love: Test Grows with B.
... lights from the timer this morning right before the dark period began, so I'll probably chop her tomorrow morning after she's had 24 hours of darkness ...
12/1 lighting--Any truth or banana in the tail pipe?
... lighting is as follows: 12 hours lights on, 5.5 lights off, 1-hour lights on, 5.5 lights off, and repeat schedule. The 1 hour on in between off period ...
Marijuana Stealth Cabinet (NGB) - as seen on OG
... light from the mother room from getting into the flowering room during the dark period. It also puts the air right where it is needed, in ...
temp probs in my new grow box..
... on the inside that is light proof so when they are in their dark period ...

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