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Air-cooled hoods, push or pull bulb heat?
... hoods, push or pull bulb heat? - Page 2 My test showed MY fans to ... level. It goes through the light, past the bulb and then through the fan which is 6" ...
Air-cooled hoods, push or pull bulb heat?
... ; thru all the duct and hoods you basically get straight ... fan. The real things that effect bulb temperature are: 1. The temperature you are using in the duct to cool the light ...
wind powered, rotating, dual HID lights, DIY
... making a pivot joint,then connect one end to an oscalating fan & the other to the light hood,all movement would be constant & controled. Or watch ebay ... open hood which catches the wind from the fan and swings it back and forth eliminating the need for a light rack haha that's kewl. in truth, the light ...
air vented hood?
... hood? Hi there thank you for reading! Well i have a 250w hydrofarm light system. This light ... whole and instaling a 4in duct fan turned out pretty pro, now ...
Question about my light.
... lights. They will work but for the best results you should use bulbs that are built for growing plants. 2.) If your asking how to vent your hood ...
one fan two tents and a carbon filter can it work?? ++rep for help
... heat and fresh air. If you have sealed lights with cooling air passing through them and the ... is an option. Mount the fan in a box. Hood up the exit fan so that the collar is ...
How to hook up fan to cool reflector *pics*
... you should hang the fan as close to the light as possible and then use ... now, there is no way to "air cool" your hood since its not sealed. And to Dank, you can cool ...
Quick Exhaust Fan Question
... fan right? what light ...
Inline fans, push or pull air?
... Filter->>Fan->>Tube/Hood->>out the room, i run my carbon filter seperate from the colling system, and i run several lights inline, i always prefer fresh air>>hood>>exhaust ...
Inline fans, push or pull air?
... area and then run to your fan and through your lights and then out you will have ... ice box its best to have a fan blowing through the hood, through ice box "radiator" ...

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