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a Lone Wolf.... in the ATTIC with 4000 watts!
... lights setup now. i want to add light movers to the far sides and then hook up one light fixture to the light movers ...
600's vs 1000's
... light movers. with ruffly the same effect as 2 1k's with less heat. up to you man as the cost of a light mover is the same as a cheap light ...
Why INDOOR is ALWAYS better medicine
... flower time, low indoor yield, relatively worthless market value ... effect on the bud that could effect taste,color? A 12 hour lighting ... and also hps on light movers co2 etc.... ...
Can 10 plants grow under 1000W?
... light footprint as you can, assuming you want to yield ... light mover and cover them easily? yEAH richard, just buy him a light mover ... around it pretty effectively. i would also ...
A few Quick Flowering Questions!!!
... light and air leaks, i have a 600watt light on a light mover ... effective canopy thickness. If a branch is too low to get decent light ...
Cannabis Related Terms & definitions (advanced fyi)
... light intensity is strongest. Hot spots cause uneven growth, but can be remedied by using light movers ... effective when insects are in the crawler stage. Scale can be effectively ...
7' Parabolics with 1500 Watt HPS
... light mover correctly, but they really are ineffective at getting the most out of your lights ... to use it effectively first. Growing pains ... 9 lights in one room i will not yield ...
CalBear4Life's Grow Diary (Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D)
... I can get another light or a light-mover and then bump it ... passing. Tobacco tea is highly effective in killing all spider mites ... lol I want heavy yields for sure! They are ...
Chem DD, Williams Wonder and F-13 with a side of SSH and an OTM too
... some interesting papers on the effects of in different stages of ... room, i'm a human light mover haha. I'll keep em ... had by far the best yields just simply by bending the ...
Sealed or unsealed room?
... lighting accessory equipment Less maintenance (never needing to clean glass) Simpler setups for potential things such as light movers ...

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