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So this is my plan
... I think I've formulated my stealth grow plan for the most part, and here are ... - 10 oz 1 Red LED grow light - 650nm 1 Blue LED grow light - 650nm 2 CPU Fans - ??? 1 Digital ...
Which lights to buy?
... in that space. How many plants do you plan on housing in there? I personally like 100W ... 250 watt HPS/MH in my GL60 plenty off light and not hard to keep cool. I pack ...
Northern Lights LED / HPS Organic DWC & Soil High Res Pics
... limitations in Flowering, hence the HPS. I plan on doing some LST and SCROG as well ... stretching, in fact, I had to move the light up about 8" because the cotyledons looked ...
C21H30O2s' 1st time closet grow w/ 28W GlowPanel LED Grow Light
... drown the seed. Plant: Northern Lights Place: Closet (5x2.5') Light: GlowPanel 28W LED 45 LED Grow Light GlowPanel 28W LED 45 LED Grow Light I will be updating this ... have appropriate lumens, the power of the light doesn't carry as far as non-LED lights? Well I'm planning on growing 4 in a diamond pattern and ...
Help Please LED LIGHTS AND OZONE GENERATORS - Forums Hi All I am planning my first grow in 0.5m x 1m x1.7m high in a ... low humidity. Any help from experienced growers would be appreciated. Im growing Northern Lights which ive heard is very low smell (2/10). Can anyone confirm this ...
400W HPS light question
... of those 400w hps lights and all of the things that go with it? . How many sq feet should each plant take up? My plan is to have three clones growing under 16 soft white 14w cfls in one room and three flowering plants under a 400w hps light with four ...
Will these light' work for growing?
... Im planning on growing just 2 small plants so nothing big. Anyway iv done some research and wanted to know if these lights will work for growing. Flowering lights ...
All About Lighting
... light. LED lights require less energy consumption and offer more light life than other types of industrial lighting ... Posted by DSull12 I was planning on having one plant ...
Very nice LED grow lights - Kessil H150 series.
... I started this thread, I set up two H150 Magenta lights in a DR 120W in which I planned to flower two Spoetnik plants. I had a number ... worth of HID lighting. I have no doubt that these light help your grows but they are a very expensive LED solution for supplemental lighting. These lights are starting to ...
What type bulb do street lights use?
... ? - Forums Anybody no what type bulbs the city street lights are? The street lights on the TALL steel poles. I no they could be HPS but ... -100 watt bulbs in them if I'm not mistaken. If you plan to steal street lights, don't do it. They are usually pretty old and worn ...

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