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Spider Mites question - 420 Magazine
... little brown dots crawling slowly about. These are the baby mites that will grow into big suckers. You may also have seen groups of little white dots ...
Need help diagnosing possible deficiency? - 420 Magazine
... leaves all came in after they started getting pretty good size two of the plants developed a few brown dots on the leaves ... could be a little nute burn also as white strains are ...
Urgent! Please help with my plant. Pictures to show - 420 Magazine
... leaves fast. Please any suggestions feel free to give it a go thanks !! Meet Jane :: UPDATE :: I see yellow Dots on her New leaves ...
Thawk's 2010 LED Soil White Widow / Medijuana Grow - 420 Magazine
... on ... leaves, thinking they are running a little ... white widow, ... dots and what looks to be a kink in the leaf... any ideas? and now for the mutant POLYPLOID the second set of leaves ...
Jango's Hydro CFL Snow White Grow! No Dwarves Allowed! - 420 Magazine
... i figured i better leave it at at ... rate here is a little info on the cloner im ... dot was a post about pulling the plug on ... , Tangerine Dream Feminized, White Dwarf Auto Fem, Syrup ...
Journey for Justice - 420 Magazine
... leave ... on Capitol Circle. We parked our little moving cell on ... white towels(?) in the air, thanking us from afar for caring enough to come. We called out on ...
First Time Indoor/Outdoor Grow Bagseed - 420 Magazine
... a little refresher on my actions to correct problems. on sat ... canopy in your closet? The white dots look like damage from ... as the brown splotches on the leaves. Could be from ...
Icemud Holy Grail OG - Kali Kandi - SoCalDam OG - XJ-13 - Organic - Soil - Smartpots - 420 Magazine
... is the fan leaves of the Holy Grail OG's have little white spots on them...I checked ... causing the lil white dots on the leafs...I looked at so many different fans on top and ...
CFLGrow's Soil, White Widow, CFL Stealth Growbox Journal - 2010 - 420 Magazine
... has grown White Widow or ... leaves on the whole crop showing 'possible nute damage' - and it definitely isn't severe. A few light yellow dots ... . Get a little bit more efficiency ...
My first grow! In my closet (poor mans grow)! - 420 Magazine
... or inside? a little of both? ... dots on the bottom of the leaves and they leave a pale to white spot on the top as they just like a misquito suck the juices out of the leaves ...

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