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Low Dwarf (by Seedmakers Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info
SeedFinder › Database › Breeder › Seedmakers › Low Dwarf Strain: Low Dwarf Breeder: Seedmakers Location: indoor , ...
Low Rider Harvest
... dont look swelled and the hairs definitely havent receded Low Rider is just hairy bud like that. Mine looked ... autos are getting much better, some of the non-dwarf ...
Poison Dwarf & Lowryder II-grow for seed
... Forums Strains : Lowryder II, G-13 poison dwarf Seedbank : Attitude Soil : Sunshine mix #1 Admendments : ... with ): one 4" intake fan down low, and 4" up high on ...
First Grow! Lowryder Dwarf CFL Cab.
... grow attempt with yall. I have 4 lowryder dwarfs growing in a cabinet right now. They are ... lost roots in the process. AND its wayyy to low inside of the new pot. So.. dunno. We ...
Pre-Seed Run .. Can I cross White dwarf Fem with Lowryder 1 male?
... germinating. Do you think I will end up with decent low-profile auto-flowering plants by pollinating White Dwarf and Lowryder 2 Females with Lowryder 1 pollen?? Thanks ...
... under 300.. includes everything but nutes... what do you think? here are the dwarf strains im thinking of buying... -Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Diesel (5 seeds ... ak-47 is out of this world with a fairly low smell.Im also growing buddha red dwarf and thats supposed to be a good one as well ...
Diesel Ryder / Poison Dwarf Mostly L.E.D Grow
... the temperature was generaly too low so I replaced the ... Dwarf - Day 25 Still growing her own way Thumbelina the Poison Dwarf - Day 25 Still growin' Bertha the Poison Dwarf ...
12/27/09 Update on White Dwarf Harvest!
... Dwarf Harvest! - Forums How am I doing with this White Dwarf From Buddha Seeds? ... is like 2-3 ft from the mid-low growth. yield will be heavily reduced. for ...
G1 Poison Dwarf Outdoor Grow
... . I recently successfully germinated (8) G1 Poison Dwarf seeds (regular, not fem) from Attitude Seed bank ... that there were a few high 30 low 40 degree nights and nearly a week ...
Auto Ak-47,White Dwarf,Blueberry,HPS
... NEED TO TOP ONE OF MY WHITE DWARFS CAN I? Hegarty, Fancy seeing you here!! ... lead to severe growth stunting, hermi's, low yield,etc. Bad news then i toped ...

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