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1000w HPS in 3x3 tent
... to use all of the light. That will give you about 16,000 lumens per square foot! There's no need to go over 6,000 without CO2 injection. Quote ... to use all of the light. That will give you about 16,000 lumens per square foot! There's no need to go over 6,000 without CO2 injection. Well ...
1st grow - Rubbermaid CFL, HELP NEEDED
... lumens per plant and if I remember correctly each cfl 6500k is about 1,500 lums so eventually you will need 4 per ... a 5 foot plant so ... agree about the square pots. They can ...
My first grow, rubbermaid grow box. please critique/help!!!!
... .3 Lumens per sq. foot. About 800-1300 lumens short. Now, from my understanding (again could be extremely wrong), this means that it's 1772.3 lumens per square foot if your ...
Closet VS Grow Tent
... 10.89 square feet in that tent so.. 400w MH = 3,305 lumens per square foot and 400w HPS = 4591 lumens per square foot. I'd say you could do a 1 plant per square foot Sea of ...
Looking for Critique of Closet Grow Setup
... )? Heat is a concern, for certain. Going by the standard of 2500-5000 lumens per square foot, theoretically I'd have nearly 6000/sq.ft with the little 150 watt ...
Winter Garden 08
... weather. 4 27W daylight CFLs and 2 23W Warm White CFLs...about 3300 lumen per square foot. I used to use...and still do use ponytail rubbers and straightened paper ...
The Scrog Method
... 6 plants and have it fill the entire table with with a 16 square foot canopy where if you go Sea of green you would need closer to ... excellent yield calculator for figuring out how much you can get based on lumens per/square foot and so on and exact space you will need for your canopy then ...
My quick dumb lighting question
... . he might and I use the word might loosly, have an issue about lumen loss on the ends of his grow area, but he just has to ... 600 watt HPS system. if he follows this setup it will yield 956 lumens per square foot if his light does not go over 6'. pretty good growing from my ...
Quick CFL Question
... lumens you have. You need about 3000 lumens per cubic foot, you have almost 4 square for each foot of height you have 4 cubic feet. You only have 5600 lumens ...
Help beginner with indoor hydroponics!
... lumens over 2,000 and up to 10,000 to all parts of the plant. By following the guidelines of 100w per plant, 40w per sqft, and 5,000 lumens per square foot ... , 3 gallon planters take 3/4sqft, 5 gallon planters take up about 1 square foot. A fully mature plant outdoors can range from 3 feet to 12 feet ...

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