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1st time grower lemme kno what yah think and i took u guys advice already =D
... 3 cFL 150 watt blulbs on them. i also wanna kno if the miracle gro booster bloom is good for it? cus i been gettin negative and postive about it ... grow to so im trying to get it right. i googled about the miracle gro bloom booster plant food and some say its good and some say its not so ...
... the bottom ones. Any help appreciated. Sorry no pics. I'm been using Miracle-gro bloom booster 15-30-15 since flowering. I only have 2 plants that are doing ...
miacle grow
... have taken more. Later with Miracle Grow Bloom Booster, I built up to full ... reporting, it all makes sense.. : ) Miracle-Gro isn't so bad if ...
400+ watt Cfl Wal*mart growlog
... setup 2x42w cfl 6x23w cfl 1x13w cfl 2x40w floro tube 1x40w incandescent miracle gro and miracle gro bloom booster here are some pics taken today. devine me some wisdom i know ...
Pro Mix Peat Based Medium PH Adjustment
... Gallon container Flowering stage aprox 3 weeks Lights 12 on, 12 off Nutrients, Miracle Gro Bloom Booster 10-52-10, One feeding at 800 ppm & PH 7.1. Watering ...
First Grow, First Post
... indica that would be cool. I used miracle gro 20-20-20 powder for the veg and now i've switched to miracle gro bloom booster(15-30-15). They've been ...
=D my bubba kush is growing beautiful. 1st time grower open to any advice.
... ive been feeding her fish fertilizer and miracle gro bloom booster. ive been careful. ive only gave ... healthy to me, though I'm no cannabis expert. What soil do you use, and ...
when should i start the reporductive process?
... the reproductive process? this is my setup. i have been using fish fertilizer. miracle gro bloom booster. nothing else really i wonder do i require more? also im in my ...
almost time
... months of flowering. Doesn't that seem too long? I started giving them miracle gro bloom booster in June. Has anyone ever experienced this? I sure hope the buds get ...
08 Outdoor Florida Grow
... use this stuff call Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food . the stuff ... plan here too. SouthernGuerilla cannabis Mine are all bag ...

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