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Complete List of Cannabis Strains(and a lil more info;)
Complete List of Cannabis Strains(and a lil more info;) Wink - Page 33 - Forums Shit...sounds like a shitty strain Quote: Originally Posted by ...
sprouts, quick question
... is already equal in size to the bb, & has thickker stem, its Moc's new strain & you can easily tell its got great genetics don ...
favorite song to get high to?
... ) YouTube - Slow Ride- Foghat (Short Version) and after that: YouTube - Ooklah the Moc- Spliff Mood Some more uplifting stuff YouTube - Pendulum Vs. Rank 1 Vs. Nic ...
homebox 2nd grow!
... Sunday.I have 6 plants-2 white widow and 4 northern lights,from MOC feminized seeds: Ministry of Cannabis - Feminized Cannabis Seeds When i saw my tent ...
Marapa's modest menagerie
... 're cool as f@#$! Peace Bradda, and Aloha. Fats FaFa Islands-Ooklah the Moc, (FaFa Islands English translation: Far Far Islands) Cool Runnins: Peace be da Journey YouTube - ‪Fafa Island-Ooklah the Moc‬‏ Thanks FatBoy -- sometimes when I'm down a bit ...
Current and Legit Seed Banks
... grow at all I gave Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique a try, bought MOC-African Sativa and NRS-Aurora Indica. All looked like premature seeds. Two of ...
Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique
... do you think seeds would take to get to australia I ordered their MOC-Aftrican Sativa and Aurora Indica seeds. Package arrived quickly, discretely, but seeds are ... germination is not going well. Nurturing them in warm moist paper towel; the MOC-African has almost no energy (I doubt they'll ever push an 1 ...
yellowing curling new leaves
... four seedlings but the fourth didnt make it. I bought the beans from MOC . Two Zensations, Two Carnival. I marked them to begin with but when I ...
Problems with Ministry of Cannabis
... plants out of it. After about 5 weeks, nothing had arrived. I emailed MoC and they informed me it would be resent. I made an appeal to ... , suffice it to say it arrived quickly). After another 3 weeks, I sent MoC a message. I asked for a refund since I never received a product ...
Red Dragon Smoke Report
... to get this strain, Red Dragon, plus LSD. Gonna get some Shanti from MOC as well. Was your grow all cfls?

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