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MG organic soil. What is the PH?
... is the PH? The contents are 50-55% composted bark, sphagnum peat moss, pasteurized poultry litter, and wetting agent. I am guessing because of the bark and moss the ph is rather low. I have no way to test the soil ...
Confused over ph levels for soil versus HydroMix 'soil'
... ' OK, I've been using Atami B'Cuzz Mixx, which contains 70% Peat Moss and 30% Perlite. I assumed this was considered 'soil' and therefore have been ... , so should I have been using a lower ph when feeding? Is Peat Moss/perlite considered a hydroponic medium or a soil medium and should the ph ...
Letting you all know!
... ,just thought id let people know it works very well Im using peat moss mix and standard bio bizz on my White Widow seeds to do a ...
dark leaves on my sprouts is this normal?????
... is this normal????? sprouts are a day old under CFLs and in per moss, vermiculight,perlight mix leaves are all a dark brown. what should i do ...
first mature plant.
... out at about 12-14 inches tall detail's: Medium- perlight / soil / peat moss Lights - 150 watt hps seed- bag seed 5 Gallon pot iso opinions ty ...
Question about pH flushing.
... about pH flushing. The soil I'm using is a combination of Peat Moss, Worm Castings and Perlite. I started Nutes about a week ago, half strength ... water is almost as sour as undiluted vinegar (pH=3-4). Thus, peat mosses create and maintain a nutrient-poor, acidic environment that fosters their own growth ...
foxfarm feeding schedule??
... old and about 5 inches tall, i germinated them from seeds in peet moss. i just moved them into 5 gallon buckets last night with foxfarm ocean ...
4 weeks into flowering :) bagseed 1st grow
... hydroponic nutrients on 18/6 for about 2 months. medium used is sphangum moss and vermiculite combination. its been on 12/12 for about 4 weeks now ...
Im new: Seedlings not growing
... towel method and all 10 cracked. Then I put the seedlings in pete moss jiffy pucks (meant for seedlings so they can grow a bit before I ... peat as possible when you plant. the plants have been growing in pete moss for just under 1 week. you think thats too soon to xfer them ...
help noob is it lockout or does she need nutes???
... need nutes??? so this is what i did. I grew her in peat moss till the lil leaves at the bottom started to turn yellow then i ...

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