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Growers coffee lounge
Growers coffee lounge - Page 144 - Forums Morning... didnt know you was a gunner bopper..that new stadium ... screaming 18 pound Northern hitting that sucker ...
HP Stadium
... stadium gro and I've seen it done before with superb results.. One guy on OG had a very sweet stadium grower, his hadnle was the unknown grower ...
Hawaii Growers
... Growers - ... plot. You can always build a stadium like Puna Bud has suggested before. ... experiments you planning? just ordered some northern lights aswell. my plant now is ...
New Grower: Need some help
... Grower: Need some help ... NORTHERN FARMERS HP STADIUM GROW". Not less that a month ago i spent $2500 on my room, now i want to change it into 2 "mini stadiums ...
Thinking of going vertical? any vertical light growers?
... light growers? Hi all, i have been talking to sum growers from ICM, and they say ... 2,000watts = 6lbs!! Northern Farmer Stadium Grow , Vertical ...
New Grower, Pics of the Room and some assitance.
... Grower, Pics of the Room and some assitance. ... of a stadium? I have 2 of them in similar sized rooms with vertical lighting. Doubles the canopy area. Search: Northern Farmer ...
stadium northern farmer style.
stadium northern farmer style. [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums yeap.. pics start on page 2. ...
North West Growers
... nw growers" + we will get american nw growers.. ... pink grapefruit x Northern Lights)-Friend`s ... stadium grow threads and like the concept a lot, wat u think ? yea stadium ...
32 plants 4k stadium
... stadium [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums room is 12x9, I was inspired by northern farmers hp stadium ... tube that some micro growers have talked about using. ...
Copycat 4k vertical stadium
... are. Ive heard good reviews from growers though. Hopefully the handyguy can install. ... find one, have you seen northern farmer's vertical stadium. lowes sells green cfl light ...

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