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Tahoe Og, O'Giesel, and Alien Dawg babies - THCfarmer
... , finna get another one in about a week... tagged. Allright guys here are some pics of my Alien Dawg and Ogiesel about a week (maybe 2 on th Ogiesel) before chop......first the AlienDawg and the Ogiesel.... Enjoy!
tahoe og - THCfarmer
... released at the same time as the tahoe swerve??? yup same with the larry. its gonna be chem valley kush ogiesel larry and tahoe seed packs coming out along with some combo packs.. i really cant wait.. thanks for bringing us ... are they an f generation i know the sfvb*2's are male/female. i also picked up seeds of ogiesel tahoe and larry i forgot to ask if there fem or backcrossed male/female? they are all f1's. true ...
Tahoe Og, O'Giesel, and Alien Dawg babies - THCfarmer
... dude! great choice in keepers i like that ogiesal one the best ! Thanks man! I have High hope for that Ogiesel as well she had a hell of a stretch to her, right now she looks to grow much like the ... thats the best way to know for sure! Originally Posted by sdub4200 Thanks man! I have High hope for that Ogiesel as well she had a hell of a stretch to her, right now she looks to grow much like the ...
Tahoe Og, O'Giesel, and Alien Dawg babies - THCfarmer
... ! I think I might have to switch to botanicare products. Originally Posted by Vom Gaw For all the love the ogiesel seems to be getting on here, I think the Alien Dog seems to be the most effective for pain relief ... dom plant than the aliendawg, but I would pick the aliendawg outta the jar over the ogiesel any day....Not to knock the smoke on the Ogiesel as it is good, and if dialed in could deliver huge yields...but I just ...
New strains coming next week - THCfarmer
... be landing here sometime next week the cali connection mixed pack chem valley kush tahoe og kush larry og kush Ogiesel Killer line up! Can't wait to get a hold of these gems. Nice 1 Swerve GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! logic are ...
The Tex Combo Pack - THCfarmer
... are things going?This a great idea I would like to see Larry pair up with the chem valley and ogiesel everything else looks good. ANy of the combos you have are nice.. You can also try this. Larry - Chem Valley ... ( you might want to have extra pack of this combo) Larry- Ogiesel Tahoe- Sfv Purple Ogiesel- Sfv bx2 Tahoe-Chem Valley Kush Thanks for bringing the heat bro. CHemvalley and Ogiesel has my vote.. chem valley kush and the tahoe sound like exactly ...
Huge drop coming at the weekend - THCfarmer
... - Page 37 - THCfarmer Originally Posted by Rob1 man the Ogiesel is just sitting there.. i love my Ogiesel I feel so weird looking at CC beans and NOT buying them lol people think Ogiesel is shit lol ahah it might be better than ... pick up th elast mix pack...hopefully get some Lemon Larry. Thanks again CC Originally Posted by TheCoolestMan people think Ogiesel is shit lol ahah it might be better than juluis.... Why do people think this? Is it because of the ...
About to crack some Sour OG's... - THCfarmer
... some Sour OG's... I want to run one other strain.. Should I run the Grass Knuckles v2 or the Ogiesel's with Sour OG's? Whats my fellow farmers thinking? Would love to see the grass knuckles v2 personally. But ... the imput fellas... Wish me luck... Thanks fred.. Swerve.. Whats the difference in taste and yield on the knuckles and Ogiesel considering that they share the same mother?? Gotta get me some of dat Sour OG!! what happened to these my ...
New stock coming soon... - THCfarmer
New stock coming soon... - Page 18 - THCfarmer thats what i did and got an OGiesel repost!!!!! any good info on this strain... gunna make this some primo outdoor shit!!!!! still waitin on some of their ...
Whats the Dankiest Cash Crop From The cali Connect - THCfarmer
... the farm soon prob about a week or so... thcfarm sells them - just none in stock atm - patience grasshopper the OGiesel is pretty strong. it's got this funkalicious smell to it that has all sorts of citrus and gasoline flavors. this shit is quick to stink up a room... i yielded the most out of OGiesel compared to JC or BW. Does anyone know if o.g Raskel has any new gear coming? And is he ...

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