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Some of my latest strain
... finished jarring this stuff up. Quote: Originally Posted by oldskoolgrower A well stocked pantry is a must for any grower/stoner. I just finished jarring this stuff ...
Here We Grow Again- Mazar, Blueberry, and Purple Kush
... .com Forums Well with our first grow cut and currently drying in the pantry; now all the attention is now on the next round! It was awesome ... (the first pull ran out last night for me) and walk to a pantry FILLED with the best pot out there and cut a branch. It's ...
Odd lighting?
... all, first time indoor grower here. I have a small setup in my pantry consisting of 3 plants. I currently am using an incandescent light bulb about ...
Most Embarrassing Toking Moments
... and baked, and I was going to get out a cup from our pantry, for some weird reason-I dont know why-I opened the microwave and ...
Good possible cabinet?
... everyones thoughts are on this as a possible grow cabinet. Target:4-Door Pantry - White This will be my first attempt at growing so I have literally ...
More Dank Bud Photography, MACROS
... mostly head high, some body, and he ate to much out of the pantry lol. Old photo of purple kush And some chamomile, great for relaxing. So ...
Grandma's Growing Again
... woodsmaneh! Different sizes and costs, you can keep them in your kitchen or pantry they don't smell at all. ...
... And where do you think the hydro stores go to? The pantry ... and then a label company. I find it funny that people ...
250 Watt Dual spectrum CFL
... Dual spectrum CFL I was looking through ebay for a CFL for my pantry grow space and I noticed this baby. ...
diy clone/ mother cabinet??
... a mother cabinet to my room.I was thinking like a home depot pantry type cab like 3'x 16"x 5' . with a shelf on ...

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