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Red and Blue LED lights
... lights are not measured in lumens because a lumen is a measurement of light that is tailored to the human visibility spectrum (primarly green/yellow) and photonic light meters ...
General questions about plasma light « OpenGrow tests, reviews and interviews « OpenGrow
... ok for plant growth. Quote They measured PAR light. So do we. But we measure the rest ... generate about 30% more light, on 1x1 meter you have 66% more light on your surface. We ...
General questions about plasma light « OpenGrow tests, reviews and interviews « OpenGrow
... PAR range. PPF and PPFD are measured in micromoles photons. You measure the PPFD with a quantum meter ... or blue led for example produces 100% par light, but only in a very tight ...
LED Grow Light Technology - Stoner Forums
... more light than they can utilize, is known as the Light Saturation Point. For most plants, the optimum level of PAR lighting is approximately 500 micromoles per square meter ...
Needed lighting concepts to develop LED grow lights - The Garden's Cure
... lighting. There is a relatively simple way of measuring irradiance with a standard luxometer (light meter) knowing the spectrum of the light ... that carries each PAR watt and ...
Lighting Head Scratcher - The Garden's Cure
... light meters and I was thinking about buying one to find the optimal lighting spots for my 1000w HPS and SunLeaves hood. All the light meters ...
Mosser Lee Soil Master Moisture Light and pH Meter - 420 Magazine
... Light meter - Eyeball unless you're riding the bleeding edge, in which case either purchase a PAR meter or borrow one from a local aquarium/reef club. Moisture meter ...
CFL Light Tutorial - 420 Magazine
... light source. Lux is used to rate the intensity of the light over a specified area PAR ( ... lot without. If you still have that light meter and a spare CFL sitting around maybe ...
Introduction to lighting. - The Garden's Cure
... light. Photographers use a light meter, the lighting industry uses lumens or lux and the gardening industry uses PAR. All are only measurements; the actual light coming ...
How much light during dark is too much: flowering - 420 Magazine
... Is there any scientific data how much light (lumen or PAR) may safely reach the leaf surface ... . It would be interesting to take a light meter outside on a full moon night and ...

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