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who's growing one strain only? how bout more than 10?
... Hashberry Sour Diesel Sour Diesel x Bubblegum Paranormal CD 91 Purple Hardball Cheese and ... strains and run 2 rooms on a flip-flop with one strain per room and alternate strains ...
What strain are you smoking right now? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... sackO strawberry diesel x chemdd,,,,peace paranormal...the descriptiiion is on here ... Puffing that grEen craCk..... mmmmmmm..... Some strain called wonder woman grown out by ...
Purple Strain Connoisseur [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... .com/gallery/data/500/46868chunck.JPG Purple strains are one of my favorite Viking, old Dutch strain rare to find nowadays.This strain is used as one of the ... male flowers but the buds stay green. General G produced some great outdoor strains for rugged climates but they all seem to have dissapeared. Does anyone out ...
First grow-pc case-afghan kush
... bigger than it is? Did you think that 'Paranormal Activity" was a ripoff of the ... . Also these strains are beautiful when done right. Well since it is an auto strain the ...
J4s2u0's 2nd Grow - PC Growbox and CFL's - 420 Magazine
... I may have missed this, but what strain are your plants? Indica or Sativa? ... love watching ghost hunters ect and Im into the paranormal stuff but only thing that ever happend to ...
... time and space with these magnificent strains... ALLUV thanks very much, Jitamon, god ... ) x Double Purple Doja Lemon Venom Paranormal Test run: True Blueberry Blueberry from ...
... a pic or it didnt happen. lol paranormal has mothership weed... this is a joke.. ... not ps. i don't think a strain called mothership exists, unless its maybe developed ...
HAER'S pick up's of smoking devices and more!
... - YouTube Just Smoked my first sour strain.. My face almost puckered. Lol ... one, my piece broke. am baked. watched Paranormal activity 3 with my girlfriend like 20 ...
The "I just blazed" Thread.
... went and saw Paranormal Activity. That sh.t was scary as hell just smoked 2 joints with my buddy stupid asshole didnt know what strain he bought though ...
*Spy and counter spy stuff - Detectors/Jammers/Eavesdropping
... Electronics Shop Cleanout Specials Paranormal Paranormal Detection Equipment Parts Evil Genius ... at least 100 or more and what strains can you provide. After we decided this ...

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