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passive vs forced air intake
passive vs forced air intake [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I'm putting together a grow box ...
My 1st Grow! 5 CFLs in two 26 Gallon Rubbermaid Cab!
... grow box: 2 x 26 Gallon Rubbermaid Containers 2 x generic power strips 6 x Electrical outlet to Lampholder socket adapter 6 x (3) warm CFLs (3) cool CFLs ...
1st grow, 250W CFL, closet setup, pics & help!
... air is. Now since air is going out you need for it to get in too. The best way to do this is thru what is called a passive intake ...
Build your own grow cabinet system.
... intake, be that passive or active ...
New apartment! Closet grow Q's
... the box, ... air in, that's passive vs. active intake. The intake ... air intake and a way to exhaust heat and odor to the outside. If you can't do that then grow 1-2 plants under CFLs ...
Ventilation, computer fans question - 420 Magazine
... grow box ... box without anything to impede air flow with the light on. The fans were open and pulling air from inside the box and the passive intakes ...
Ambre's New Grow Setup
... passive air intakes on the bottom. Holes will be drilled in the center shelf to allow for free air flow. Lighting in this small garden will be CFLs ...
Multi-flow/Ebb&Grow Users: TIPS&TRICKS
... Passive air intake, cold air under the house was about 60* year round, colder in the winter so the fan runs less. CAP AIR ...
Prepping for a White Widow stealth closet grow
... air out through the top of my grow room through an improvised carbon filter (it includes an atrium gate, stocking, and activated ... intake ... grow marijuana. I'm gonna stick with CFLs ...
First Grow - Good Times
... passive intake. Quote: Originally Posted by nvmywrx With your intake holes did any smell leak out of them. because for my box ...

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