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Passive Intake Question - 420 Magazine
Passive Intake Question - 420 Magazine If I have a room thats 7x7x8 and a 8inch 740cfm inline fan how big would my passive intake holes have to be so there ... room thats 7x7x8 and a 8inch 740cfm inline fan how big would my passive intake holes have to be so there would nit be a srrain on my ...
Passive Intakes.Light/Smell? - 420 Magazine
Passive Intakes.Light/Smell? - 420 Magazine I have a couple questions regarding passive intakes (just a 6" hole in the wall near the floor). #1. What ...
Passive Intake VS. Inline Fan (Grow Tent) wat do u think? - 420 Magazine
... aircooled HID.........Ive heard that i dont need intake fan just run passive intake through hole towards bottom, but i also heard passive ok but fan better. For me I ...
Passive Intake
Passive Intake just bought a grow tent and temps have been higher then normal. so i got a intake system that comes through the top. my question is do ...
Passive Intake or Less Exhaust?
Passive Intake or Less Exhaust? Here's my question. I have 1 x 8mm fan intake, and 1x 120mm fan exhaust. My temps are too high (only a 40 ... exhaust, and then cut a hole in the bottom for a passive intake. b) install it as an intake, and force more air into the box, and the exhaust ...
Passive Intake Smell
Passive Intake Smell Hey everyone im putting together a rubbermaid box my gf doesn't want our room smelling. Ive been hearing that using fans for intakes is a bad idea, that i should just stick with passive intakes however im worried about smell so would a passive one smell? or should ...
Passive intake - 420 Magazine
Passive intake - 420 Magazine How do i figure out the size of my intake holes if I make it passive the box is 2'x2'x4' and two fans that ... Posted by drkdiglr112 The fans are rated at 31CFM I would make the intake around 4 inches. Maybe start out with two 2 inch holes. You have ...
passive intake - The Garden's Cure
... x 4" passive intake = 50.24 sq in 50.24 sq in / 3.14 = 16 the square root of 16 is 4, so the passive intakes hole radious is 4" 4" radious x 2 = 8" diameter hole 8" passive intake hole so a 8" ...
Air being pushed out passive intakes?
Air being pushed out passive intakes? - Forums I have a cabinet set-up with a 6" ... the inline fan, but it is also expelled through the four 1" intake holes I have drilled towards the bottom of my cab. The cab is ...
Passive intake vents
... light proof my passive intakes. I have a 4 inch exhaust so according to most threads ive read you need to double this for the intakes, is this correct? And my second question to yall is, has anyone ever used dark room vents as passive intakes? i found some for ...

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