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Spider-mites in flowering phase, what to do?
... those mites? That late you don't have time for the little fly traps to work. You can either use Hot pepper way spray that may work but the problem with spider mites ...
Looking for input on Predator Mites
... pepper spray, misting, etc. These attempts were made at proper intervals to get the various stages of mite life. Lately I've been spraying ...
SUPER MITES!! When FLORAMITE wont work... - THCfarmer
... work mate. good luck.. Only things that has worked for me against Mites. Pyrthem bombs never worked for me and just gave the mites ...
Whole Foods your best friend in the war on spider mites - THCfarmer
... For my outdoor summer vegetable garden, I use a garlic and red pepper spray. Add garlic cloves and crushed red pepper into a pot with fresh water and boil for ...
Damaged leaves from mites and burn? - THCfarmer
... mite invasion, and cant go through that again(emotionally, financially) Some of your damage looks like mites, but I dont see to much of the peppering that comes from mite ...
My battle against spider mites - THCfarmer
... work (pepper spray or flour), but we wanted them dead, they do so much damage. Spraying once with Mighty Wash killed 95+% Spraying ...
Spider mites!!! Are these methods affective?!?! Need help plz!!! - THCfarmer
... the answering for spider mites you have ... (for acidity) and Capsaicin (red pepper/chilli powder) for ... worked for the 1st week so far i took rubbing alcohol @1/3 ratio and sprayed ...
spider mite killing idea
... mites.html At the moment you are still vegging so is fine to spray your girls with some pepper ... well i kmow no pest strips work for mites . been using em for years. as long as ...
Spider mites AKA The Borg
... good that works for mites is organacide.I spray clones after rooting.Spray again ... pepper natural spray. I used it last year on seedling that were vegging outdoors and it worked ...
Natural insecticides and fungicides
... mites, just other pests. Knock on wood.) Usually this type of spray makes them migrate away from the plant and they'll die from starvation. When I spray with pepper ...

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