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longer dark period=longer internodal spacing?
longer dark period=longer internodal spacing? longer dark period=longer internodal spacing? Obviously nodes stretch in flowering with the 12/12, but would ...
24 hr dark period before flowering?
... Forums nice thread thank u people i think ill try 24 hour dark period next time p Think logically.. say u stay up from 2 pm - 6 ... don't instigate a dark instigate a fight. You initiate a dark period. -C I think you can also instigate a dark period. Instigate is a verb ...
how much longer should I veg?
... im no where close to done) how much longer I should veg before fliping from 24/0 ... Well im sure there is no exact time period that all your palnts do that but, kinda ...
LED Flowering/Flowering Period with HGL 3rd Gen Lights
... seen comments that with LEDs (not HGL) the flowering period is longer and that the trichs remain milky for a longer period before turning amber, but no real evidence... this ...
Need to know how much longer
... and Indica/Sativa hybrids often have an extended period to work with. photo by: Eirik photo by ... guess your plants need 2 more weeks or longer, but only you can really tell. its ...
Growing period questions
Growing period questions Is it better to let the plants grow longer in veg to achieve optimal quantity and quality? What is the optimal length ...
dark period before harvest?
... to cut just after the dark period but just do a ref 12hrs, again, I've never noticed a difference going longer so don't waste my time ... at least for the most part, ends up being a long, final dark period that really doesn't need to be extended. Thanks. I've never had ...
Flowering Period
... seeds when it says flowering period 8-10 weeks does it mean time you let ... to 12+ hours darkness, or somewhere in between like longer veg with finger-sized flowers on them? I ...
ever flowered much longer? and what can happen
... want to go longer........about 12 weeks. what will happen? how long is too long? does longer period increase/decrease flavor? When ...
2 week dark period at end of grow
... get it right. Shorter length periods of time will not max out THC production and plants cannot continue to live and produce in longer periods of darkness. 72-hours ...

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